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2501 W Sample Rd Suite F, Pompano Beach, FL 33073


Exterior Washes

$7.00 Wash & Go Early Bird Special 8am-10am

$9.99 Exterior Wash

$16.99 Exterior & Wheels

Exterior with Interior Washes

$16.99 Exterior & Vacuum

$24.99 Exterior & Vacuum & Wheels

Super Saver Packages

$21.99 The Ultimate Exterior

$27.99 The Ultimate

  • Tunnel Wash
  • Hand Prep front and rear of Vehicle before enters Tunnel
  • Hand Dry after exits Tunnel
  • Vacuum seats and floors
  • Remove floor mats and power wash rubber/vinyl or mat machine clean carpet mats
  • Wheel Rim Scrub
  • Silicone Tire Shine
  • Simoniz Liquid Hot Wax
  • Bug Treatment and Scrub
  • Simoniz Vision Clear-window treatment helps repel water
  • $37.99 The Ultimate Plus – Our Most Popular - Express Detail

    $26.99 The Shiny Knight Exterior

    $32.99 The Shiny Knight

    $47.99 The Shiny Knight Plus - Our Deluxe Express Detail

    *SUV & Minivan, Add $4 to above Detail Services (except exterior only)

    Detailing Services

    $28.99 Interior Express Detail

    $48.99 Carpet Shampoo

    $48.99 Seat Shampoo

    $74.99 Headlight Lens Restoration

    $114.99 Deluxe Interior Detail

    $149.99 Bumper to Bumper

    $189.99 The Kings Exterior Detail

    *SUV & Minivan, Add $10 to above Detail Services (except exterior only)

    Hand Wax Services

    $39 New Car Wax

    $49.99 Express Wax

    $69.99 Ultimate Wax

    $79.99 Shiny Knight Wax

    $99.99 The Shiny Knight Wax Plus

    *SUV & Minivan, Add $10 to above Services (except exterior only)

    $499.99 Simoniz Diamond Plate

    Diamond Plate is a nano ceramic polymer coating that reacts with your vehicle’s clear coat finish to form a second layer and thicker coating for added protection. These coatings are so durable that they are used widely in the aerospace industry.

    Add-On Services

    $6.00 Simoniz Liquid Hot Wax

    $8.00 Hot Lava Shield

    $10.00 NEW Ceramic Sealant

    Simoniz Ceramic Sealant will protect your vehicle’s surface from the ultraviolet rays of the sun and can slow down the process of oxidation substantially. This coating will also produce a surface that is chemically resistant to environmental acidic elements, etching and staining.

    Simoniz has developed a unique molecule that when combined with a ceramic polymer and applied to the exterior surface of a vehicle, chemically bonds with the vehicle’s paint and creates a layer of durable protection. This bonding occurs because the sealant carries positively charged ions that attract themselves to the negatively charged surface of the vehicle, attracting itself like a magnet. Being hydrophobic, Simoniz Ceramic Sealant will repel water. When water makes contact with a coated surface, it will bead up for faster runoff. The ceramic coating makes it more difficult for grime and mud to stick to the vehicle. If these elements should adhere to the surface, the cleaning process is faster and easier. Simoniz Ceramic Sealant will improve the reflective properties of both the paint as well as the underlying clear coat, leaving the vehicle with a clear, deep shine. Because of its extreme durability, Simoniz Ceramic Sealant will protect the vehicle’s gloss for longer stretches of time between car washing.

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